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CB Holding Corp., et al.
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MOUNTAINSIDE, N.J. - April 21, 2011 - CB Holding Corp. ("the Company") today announced the successful closing of the sale of the Company's twelve Bugaboo Creek Steak House restaurants and assets related to that business, as well as the assumption and assignment of certain related leases.

As previously announced, the new owner of the Bugaboo Creek restaurants is Capitol BC Restaurants LLC, an affiliate of Capitol C and Capitol Q restaurants, which will continue to operate the business under the same name and, rather than the Company, will be the party conducting business with those parties that have previously done business with the Company now that the transaction has been consummated. The sale was approved by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware on March 11, 2011.

CB Holding Corp. and all of its subsidiaries filed voluntary petitions for protection under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code on November 18, 2010. The company has since received court approval to sell each of its three restaurant chains - Bugaboo Creek, The Office Beer Bar & Grill, and Charlie Brown's Steakhouse - following successful auctions.

Gary Lembo, a Managing Director at CRG Partners Group, LLC, who serves as Chief Restructuring Officer of CB Holding Corp., said, "We are pleased that the sale of Bugaboo Creek has now closed successfully and that the new chain will continue to conduct business with many of the same parties as when it was owned by CB Holdings. We are also pleased that Bugaboo Creek will provide continued employment opportunities for many of our former associates and ensure that its loyal customers continue to enjoy great food, exceptional value and friendly service."

The Company's legal advisors are Cahill Gordon and Reindel LLP and Richards Layton & Finger P.A.

More information is available on the Company's web site at Claims information and court filings are available at

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Cindy Ferrarro
CB Holding Corp.

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