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Filed Entities

10-13683CB Holding Corp.
10-13709Bugaboo Creek Acquisition, LLC
10-13702Bugaboo Creek Holdings, Inc.
10-13693Charlie Brown's Acquisition Corp.
10-13697Charlie Brown's Mark Corp.
10-13701Bugaboo Creek of Seekonk, Inc.
10-13719CB VII, Inc.
10-13724CB VIII, Inc.
10-13704Charlie Brown North
10-13707Charlie Brown's at Clifton, Inc.
10-13732Charlie Brown's Montclair, Inc.
10-13735Charlie Brown's of Allentown, L.L.C.
10-13703Charlie Brown's of Alpha, Inc.
10-13734Charlie Brown's of Blackwood, L.L.C.
10-13718Charlie Brown's of Brielle, Inc.
10-13728Charlie Brown's of Carlstadt, Inc.
10-13756Charlie Brown's of Chatham, Inc.
10-13710Charlie Brown's of Denville, Inc.
10-13717Charlie Brown's of East Windsor, LLC
10-13733Charlie Brown's of Edison, Inc.
10-13765Charlie Brown's of Egg Harbor Twp, LLC
10-13763Charlie Brown's of Franklin, LLC
10-13706Charlie Brown's of Hackettstown, L.L.C.
10-13761Charlie Brown's of Hillsborough, Inc.
10-13752Charlie Brown's of Jackson, LLC
10-13760Charlie Brown's of Lacey, L.L.C.
10-13754Charlie Brown's of Lakewood, Inc.
10-13757Charlie Brown's of Maple Shade, Inc.
10-13739Charlie Brown's of Matawan, Inc.
10-13764Charlie Brown's 1981, Inc.
10-13738Charlie Brown's of Oradell, Inc.
10-13699Charlie Brown's of Piscataway, LLC
10-13751Charlie Brown's of Tinton Falls, Inc.
10-13744Charlie Brown's of Toms River, LLC
10-13762Charlie Brown's of Union Township, Inc.
10-13688Charlie Brown's of Wayne, Inc.
10-13692Charlie Brown's of West Windsor, Inc.
10-13714Charlie Brown's of Woodbury, Inc.
10-13723Charlie Brown's Restaurant Corp.
10-13742Charlie Brown's Steakhouse Woodbridge, Inc.
10-13722Charlie Brown's, Inc.
10-13755The Office at Bridgewater, Inc.
10-13700The Office at Cranford, Inc.
10-13749The Office at Keyport, Inc.
10-13720The Office at Montclair, Inc.
10-13689The Office at Morristown, Inc.
10-13691The Office at Ridgewood, Inc.
10-13743The Office at Summit, Inc.
10-13750What's Your Beef V, Inc.
10-137461820 Central Park Avenue Restaurant Corp.
10-13730Charlie Brown's of Commack LLC
10-13716Charlie Brown's of Garden City, LLC
10-13708Charlie Brown's of Holtsville, LLC
10-13726Charlie Brown's of Lynbrook LLC
10-13690Charlie Brown's of Middletown LLC
10-13712Charlie Brown's of Staten Island, LLC
10-13736Charlie Brown's of Yorktown, LLC
10-13698Charlie Brown's Steakhouse Fishkill, Inc.
10-13694Jonathan Seagull Property Corp.
10-13705Jonathan Seagull, Inc.
10-13713Charlie Brown's of Berwyn, LLC
10-13695Charlie Brown's of Bloomsburg, LLC
10-13740Charlie Brown's of Harrisburg, LLC
10-13727Charlie Brown's of Langhorne, LLC
10-13711Charlie Brown's of Pennsylvania, Inc.
10-13731Charlie Brown's of Reading, LLC
10-13747Charlie Brown's of Scranton, LLC
10-13729Charlie Brown's of Selinsgrove, LLC
10-13758Charlie Brown's of Springfield, LLC
10-13766Charlie Brown's of Trexlertown, LLC
10-13696Charlie Brown's of Williamsport LLC
10-13759Charlie Brown's of York, LLC